VacuDAP Compact

DAP Meter


  • This is a compact dose area product measuring unit designed for uncomplicated retrofitting and is equipped with an integrated display and control keys directly attached to the measuring chamber. A model with reduced dimensions is available as a special type for mobile X-ray units having smaller collimators.
  • The modular VacuDAP dose area product measuring system offers various ionization chambers and configurations for a wide range of X-ray equipment.
  • The VacuDAP measuring system is used to measure the Dose Area Product (DAP). This value is most suitable to indicate the patient dose in X-ray diagnostics.
  • The transparent ionization chambers fit easily into the accessory rails at the collimator. Adapted circular ionization chambers are used for complete integration into C-arm machines.
  • All devices are equipped with a serial interface for transfer data files to a printer or a PC. Different printer, adaptor and PC software is available as an accessory.