Tissue Equivalent Materials

Tissue Equivalent Materials


Tissue equivalent materials

  • Water equivalent (WT1)
  • Adipose (AP7)
  • Breast (BR12)
  • Hard Cortical Bone (SB5)
  • Inner Bone (IB7)
  • Rib or Average bone (RB2)
  • Lung (LN10)
  • Soft Tissue (ST1)
  • Kidney (KD1)
  • Liver (LV1)

Now also available

  • Bone equivalent up to 1200 mg/cm3 HA
  • Lung Inhale
  • Lung Exhale
  • Breast tissue with various different % of glandularity


Suitable for both kV and MV energies.

Available in many sizes and shapes, including molded or machined cavities to house dosemeters.