Sectional Phantom Series (Plain X-rays) ‘PH-61’


Sectional Phantoms allow for imaging of individual anatomy as needed.



Sectional Phantoms allow for imaging of indivisual anatomy as needed.
Opaque?Visible bones help beginners to learn correct position in plain X-ray imaging.
Transparent?For practice in same condition as real patient.


Stand-alone design can be used with the adjustable head positioning stand to demonstrate accurate skull positioning.

  • Head(Opaque)?41926-000
  • Head(Transparent)?41926-010


Includes thoracic skeletal system with embedded mediastinal space and bronchus to provide realistic imaging.The scapulae are rotated outside of the lung fields for proper PA chest imaging.

  • Thorax(Opaque)?41926-060
  • Thorax(Transparent)?41926-070


Includes lumbar/sacral spine/, pelvic bony anatomy and proximal femurs.

  • Pelvic(Opaque)?41926-080

Right Elbow

Normal flexion range allows for AP/lateral and partial flexion views one phantom.

  • Right Elbow(Opaque)?41926-140
  • Right Elbow(Transparent)?41926-150

Right Hand

  • Right Hand(Opaque)?41926-020
  • Right Hand(Transparent)?41926-030

Left Hand

  • Left Hand(Opaque)?41926-040
  • Left Hand(Transparent)?41926-050

Right Knee

  • Right Knee(Opaque)?41926-180
  • Right Knee(Transparent)?41926-190

Right Foot

  • Right Foot(Opaque)?41926-100
  • Right Foot(Transparent)?41926-110

Left Foot

  • Left Foot(Opaque)?41926-120
  • Left Foot(Transparent)?41926-130


  • Material?Soft tissue: Urethane based resin/ Artificial bone: Epoxy resin
Set includes
  • Phantom ×1
  • set of sample X-ray images(DVD) ×1
  • Instruction manual
  • *An adjustable head supporter is comes with the head set.