MAX-EA – Simple SRS Phantom

MAX-EA is ideal for clinics seeking a standardized and comprehensive QA solution for End-To-End and Daily SRS QA.


Featuring a removable forehead, inserts can be changed while the phantom is immobilized to minimize setup time & variation.

Key Features

  • End-To-End SRS QA
  • Daily 6DOF QA
  • Daily Winston-Lutz with 5 Distinct Targets
  • Film + Ion Chamber with 7 Distinct Targets
  • Multiple Site / Multiple Machine Standardization & Repeatability
  • Minimal Setup Variation
  • iQA Auto Analysis Software for Winston-Lutz

Full Description

MAX-EA provides easy access to the cranial insert. Inserts can be changed while the phantom is immobilized using an open-face thermoplastic mask. When used daily, MAX-EA reduces variation inherently caused by multiple setups, provides significant time savings, and is budget-friendly. For these reasons, MAX-EA is uniquely advantageous to SGRT/OSMS End-To-End QA as well as Daily QA with multiple-target Winston-Lutz Analysis.

More than positional repeatability during a single QA routine, MAX-EA is an excellent choice for clinics or networks looking to standardize their End-To-End and Daily SRS QA routines across multiple machines and sites. It provides flexible options for configuration.

  • Winston-Lutz Insert for Multiple Met / Single Isocenter QA
    with 5 Distinct Targets
  • 3D Film Insert for Multiple Met / Single Isocenter QA
    Features Seven Distinct Targets:
    4 Spherical Targets
    1 Ventricle Target
    1 Vertebral Structure with Large Sagittal Film Plane
    1 Ion Chamber / Detector