Artinis CDMAM 4.0

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Mammography Contrast Detail Phantom


The New, Optimised Contrast Detail Phantom for Quality Assurance in Mammography

The Artinis CDMAM 4.0 is the next generation Mammograhy Contrast Detail Phantom with improved specifications, manufactured to the highest of standards. This phantom extends analysis possibilities, and will bring your quality control up to today’s standards.

The phantom is optimised for the European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Digital Mammography.

CDMAM 4.0 includes:

  • CDMAM 4.0 Phantom
    The phantom comprises 672 Gold discs divided over 21 diameters ranging from 0.08 to 2.0 mm. Every single diameter has its own optimised gold thickness range in 16 steps. The gold discs are placed in the area of interest of the psychometric curve for accurate determination of Contrast Detail curves.
  • 4 attenuation plates
    of thickness 1 cm and a thickness tolerance of 0.1mm to minimize the difference in X-ray attenuation over the phantom.